Resume Cover Letters

Are resume cover letters important?

Nothing can be more detrimental to your chances of getting a job than having your resume thrown into a pile of similar resumes, all vying for the same job. Your resume has GOT to stand out from the mountain of applications that an interviewer has to go thru.

How do you do that? Write an effective, eye catching cover letter!

A potential employer’s first impression of you is your cover letter. Your cover letter introduces you and your resume. The stark reality is your resume may never be read without its being accompanied by a professional cover letter. Without a resume cover letter, you might never receive a callback. Here are two things to remember:

  • The purpose of a cover letter is to get your resume read.
  • The purpose of a resume is to get an interview.
  • The purpose of an interview is to get a job.

Your cover letter is the most critical piece of your job interviewing success. If your resume doesn’t get read, you don’t get an interview, period. Your resume cover letter is a sales letter. It sells your resume, therefore it sells you! A common mistake made by job hunters is either neglecting a resume cover letter or writing a poor cover letter. This program, Amazing Cover Letters, will help you write that eye catching, professional cover letter.